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Paris, France Debt Collection Agency

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Over the past 5 years, the wholesale trade market in Paris, France, has been reshaped by evolving consumer preferences and the digital transformation of retail channels. This shift, further accelerated by the pandemic, has led to cash flow issues due to nonpayment, particularly impacting traditional small and medium-sized wholesale and retail trades. In this changing landscape, Collection Agency Companies sets itself apart as the leading choice for international B2B debt collection, thanks to our profound understanding of Paris’s unique market intricacies and our three-decade-plus history of success. Urgent action is critical for businesses grappling with aging debts; in Paris’s swiftly evolving market, the efficacy of debt recovery diminishes over time, emphasizing the necessity of swift, strategic intervention to ensure financial resilience.

Over a Decade of Successful Collections

Thomas was able to recover what I thought was lost revenue from a company. Company had owed me for over 4 months and Thomas and his team were able to recover within a few short weeks! Great service!

Leonard Johnson – Founder/CEO

I am working with Tony, and he is doing an amazing job at collecting debts for my company. I have companies that are over a year past due and within just a week they already collect several debts for me. They are a great team!

Benjamin Mark – CEO

We have just recently started using MDC. I have been working with Thomas Gallo. He has been very responsive and keeps us up to date of what is going on with our accounts MDC handles. Great company to work with.

Constance Moehlman – Business Owner

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